Debut conceptalbum “Realitivity” (2015)

“There’s no education for life but life itself”

So they say and so it has been for all of us…………
This is our story, our life: with hope, struggle, doubt, pleasure, regret,
forgiveness, joy and with love: on and on…..

No exceptions, for no-one….

But we’ve made it this far, so far: we’re further than we’ve ever been
Continuing our journey as familiair as it may seem: ride along, you’re (in) good company!

Frontpage cd Realitivity from PROJECTiON

We may not know each other, we may never meet
But that’s ok: through this music we greet

We’re glad you’re here, ‘cause:
without you there is no me…..

Welcome to your story, your life. Collided in one world, one word: REALiTiViTY!
And so it continues: on and on…..
Remember: at this moment we’re all connected by PROJECTiON!